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1314 Avenue K
Lubbock, TX

COVID-19 Variant Confirmed in Lubbock

The first known case of a COVID-19 variant has been identified in a Lubbock resident. The adult female who has no history of travel, was recently diagnosed with COVID-19. Results of genetic sequencing showed that the infection was caused by the variant strain, B.1.351. The case is currently under investigation by the Public Health Department. 

Although this is the first confirmed variant in Lubbock, it does not come as a surprise. Cases of the variant strain are known to be spreading in Texas. However, with this confirmation it’s important that everyone continues to be diligent in their prevention efforts and that all adults get vaccinated. 

The B.1.351 is also known as the South Africa variant. Cases attributed to this variant have been detected in multiple countries outside of South Africa. This variant was reported in the US at the end of January 2021. The current scientific evidence indicates that the variant does not cause more severe disease and that vaccines are expected to be effective against it.

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